Tuttle School Counselors

The counselors provide additional support to a diverse school population through family counseling or consultation. The counselor is available to help parents and in certain situations students deal with personal crises or family difficulties. This service is available to help Tuttle parents cope with situations that might interfere with their student’s learning, rather than individual therapy. For additional needs beyond the scope of counseling available at Briarwood, the counselors may provide a referral to other service providers in the community. Additionally, the counselors work closely with the Tuttle school administration and staff to ensure that each family’s social, emotional and academic needs are addressed.
Our counselors will available by appointment should your student need to talk to someone about any situation that may be impacting their mental health.  You may contact the counselor directly by emailing then at clunn@briarwoodschool.org or tlazurs@briarwoodschool.org.  A Telecounseling Consent Form must be completed before meeting with any student.  Click the link below to download the form.