The Tuttle Student Plan

Individualized learning plans for each student are developed and tailored to meet the evolving needs, growth and goals for each student. As students progress, their individualized plans are re-evaluated and new lessons/goals are implemented. We strive to meet the developmental, social, emotional, and physical needs of all of our students.

Individualized learning plans are developed according to an in-depth evaluation of the following:

  • Neurodevelopmental and physiological function
  • Academic levels and learning style
  • Emotional, behavioral and social development

“Success Happens Here.”


Tuttle School considers functional academics as its first priority. These academic skills can’t be utilized unless the student has appropriate social and life skills within their ability level. In order to enable students to acquire these skills, Tuttle School offers the following specialty classes: a life skills class, a pragmatic language class, art, music, and student council as well as both day and overnight camps for our students in the summer. Students attend each of our specialty classes on a daily basis. In Tuttle School, the teachers work very hard to teach the students to be as independent as possible. Communication and friendship skills are also fostered on a daily basis.