Student Council

Some recent service projects facilitated by the Student Council are:

  • Annual Bake Sale for students and staff at Briarwood/Tuttle School

  • Blanket Drive

  • Book Drive for Books Between Kids

  • Food Drive

  • Hygiene Drive for the Women’s Shelter

  • Pet Supply Drive for a local pet shelter

  • Shoe Drive for WHAM


Tuttle School Student Council is a democratic body, which governs service events and projects in our school. Tuttle School student council has three elected officers: president, vice-president, and secretary.

These officers campaign, make speeches to the student body, and are voted into office by their fellow students in Tuttle School. Student Council is also composed of nine homeroom representatives; Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Pessoa, Mrs. Rucker, Ms. Wilson and Ms. Hooper’s class. A faculty member sponsors the student council meetings. The president of the Student Council presides over the weekly meetings using an agenda. Minutes are kept of the meetings and representatives maintain a folder of the minutes, which are used to report back to their homerooms. At the meetings, the council members determine service projects.

Tuttle School Student Council Rep.
(281) 493-1070 Ext. 237