The Life Zone class focuses on teaching functional skills as well as social pragmatic communication.  With the use of Unique Learning System and FACES Curriculum, core skills taught in this class include the following:

Hygiene and Grooming:  Brushing hair, brushing teeth, cleaning hands and nails, awareness of good hygiene, and knowing how to keep oneself clean.

     Students in Life Zones learn:

  • In a classroom environment, students are taught skills for independence and successful everyday living in the home
  • The curriculum and activities provide opportunities to learn basic survival skills, personal grooming and health, food preparation, and housework
  • Healthy Nutrition Choices: recipe selections and cooking activities
  • Personal health and wellness instruction

Housekeeping:  Sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, laundry, reading clothing labels, vacuuming, dusting, washing windows and mirrors, wiping tables and counters, making the bed, folding and cleaning household appliances.

Social and Communication:  In order to help generalize language skills in the natural setting, communication has been incorporated into the Life Zones class and curriculum.  Students will receive direct lessons on language and communication; however, it is also being incorporated into their day-to-day tasks within the classroom setting.  Social awareness, manners, taking turns, knowing about emotions, interacting appropriately with others (peers and adults), managing emotions, and being a good friend.

Do Lunch Thursdays at Chef's Table

Chef's Table and Nutrition:  Food groups, making healthy meal and snack choices.  Following recipes, setting the table, measuring, using kitchen tools and appliances, trying new foods, and planning balanced meals.

Transition:  Chef's table provides hands on training in food service to Tuttle School Transition students.  The design of this program is to provide opportunities for students to learn work skills that will transfer and generalize to the real world of employment.

The Senior class is proud of this project and the opportunity to serve good quality food and fresh baked goods!

Do Lunch Thursdays is a potato bar created by the Tuttle School Senior/Transition/Entrepreneur Class that started spring 2017.  This program offers students the opportunity to have hands on experience that can be carried over to real life scenarios.  Students will learn:

  • How to follow instructions in a kitchen/food service setting
  • How to work as a team member
  • How to budget, shop, and prepare menus
  • How to greet customers
  • How to clean up and put away