"We Are All In This Together"

Paying Tribute During Times Of Tribulation

In general, you could say our community is the “glass half full” variety. When faced with these trying times Tuttle School teachers, staff, parents and students have shown what they are really made of…determination, lots and lots of creativity, and heart. While figuring out the unchartered territory of online learning, teachers and students have really stepped up, shown us how to thrive during adversity, and, well, given us all a glimpse of their personal sides, including costumes, pets and cooking demonstrations. We look forward to getting back to normal, but are so grateful for the understanding, kindness and ingenuity of our community.

Tuttle School teachers & students have been doing a great job of continuing to teach and learn during the Distance Learning classes.  Many life skills are being taught.  Students are learning how to clean, vacuum, wash clothes, cook, fold towels, cross the street safely, buy food and supplies, plant herbs and flowers, and so many more!

I just wanted to reach out and say that I think all of The Briarwood teachers are doing a fabulous job of virtual teaching!! Everyone jumped right in right away to make sure our kids were learning and made the kiddos feel acclimated to this “new normal.” 

~The Reynolds Family

I have to share that one of the positive things coming out of this quarantine/home schooling is realizing how much Ella really knows when it comes to school work! To see it up close has been amazing (plus her smile isn’t so bad either!). Thank you to all the Tuttle School teachers! You are all amazing and it really shows these days!

~The Rubinson Family

I just want to tell you I am so pleased with the zoom meetings today! We did 2 with Coach Rivas and Ms. Hooper.  They were great and I can honestly tell you Daniel’s entire demeanor changed afterward.  He was happier, more engaging, helpful, etc.  I know you guys have had to scramble and I am so appreciative! 

~The LeBlanc Family

The students in my class have done a great job interacting via Zoom. The first day we got on a Zoom call as a class the Students were so excited to see their friends and teachers. I love seeing all their little faces too!

~Tuttle School Teacher

  "Our family would love to recognize Beverly Brinkmeyer, who has been just stellar!  She sent home great work for Richard to do during the hiatus, and she’s been actively connecting with us every single day.  She even recorded herself reading one of Richard’s favorite books.  So appreciated!!!"

~The Carleton Family, Current Parents

Can’t say enough great things about all the support with distance learning!!  Luke so misses being at school, but not sure what we would have done without Zooming with class each day!  Thank you to all of you that have worked so hard to make this work for us...AMAZING!

~The Lewis Family

Just wanted you to know how Well the online work is going!  It demonstrates to me:

1. How much y’all have taught our kids leading up to this point because they are quickly adapting to the new routine based on having strong fundamentals.

2. Mrs Pessoa has done a wonderful job in her communications, instructions, etc.

We Morses are feeling very blessed by Briarwood - had to share! Miss y’all but thankful and know we will be back in a normal routine eventually.

~The Morse Family