The years that our daughter attended the Tuttle School prepared her well for life after school.  She learned to work hard and to persist when frustrated.  She also has continued friendships that started during her time at Tuttle. Alexa truly has a good life now because of the wonderful staff at the Tuttle School!

~The Smith Family, Former Parents

"Tuttle School has fed and grown our boy in both his head and his heart.  If we want to count the blessings they would include teachers who give him strong doses of encouragement and exhortation, the practical training in trying new foods and preparing meals, social skills training reinforced in all his classes and activities, and Special Olympics coaching that has made him a part of a winning team.  He has had true friends who joke and laugh with him, and invite him to birthday parties and outings."

~The LeBlanc Family, Former Parents

"The Briarwood Tuttle school has truly changed our life, in the most positive way. Every teacher at the Tuttle school truly cares for every child. Our daughter, Harper, has been there for 4 years, and she has progressed more than we had every dreamt possible. Our daughter has made the best of friends, and we know that she is loved and safe everyday when we drop her off at school. The parent/teacher communication exceeds what I had hoped for. Anyone who knows us and our daughter, has told us that the Tuttle school is remarkable, and truly made a difference in our daughter.  We feel so blessed that our daughter is able to attend such an amazing school!"

~The Reynolds Family, Former Parents

"Our family would love to recognize Beverly Brinkmeyer, who has been just stellar!  She sent home great work for Richard to do during the hiatus, and she’s been actively connecting with us every single day.  She even recorded herself reading one of Richard’s favorite books.  So appreciated!!!"

~The Carleton Family, Current Parents

"We discovered The Tuttle School when we had totally lost hope of finding a school for our son.  The school has been wonderful for my son. Even after 7 years he still loves going to school. They treat every student as an individual. Each student is taught in the way that they need to be taught.  The kids have so much fun while learning too.  They are exposed to opportunities that are not always seen at other schools. Teachers here love our kids so much, that they stay and never want to leave!  When Ricky started at the school every parent we met would say "You're going to love it here.”  We do.  If you are looking for somewhere where your wonderful, different child will be happy, will learn, and be safe, The Tuttle School has all that and more. And best of all they will meet friends.  We love The Tuttle School.

~The Welch Family, Current Parents

"My son, David, has Down Syndrome and has been a student in the Tuttle School for 10 years.  There are not enough words to express how thankful I am for the Tuttle School's “Dream Team” teaching staff.  They are the heart and the engine of the Tuttle school.  Over the years, David has had goals in many areas such as behavior, speech, academics, life skills, and physical education just to name a few.   David has come so far in every area thanks to all of his teachers seamlessly working together and understanding how to teach him. One story I love from his first year at Tuttle school was that David did not want to run the track at PE.  David can be very stubborn.  His teachers turned this important task into a game and chased him.  Before he knew it, he had run the lap. His teachers always know how to unlock whatever challenge is presented so that he can succeed.  David has since run hundreds of laps on his own.  Another area of tremendous progress has been in the area of speech.  The speech therapy program at the Tuttle School is excellent.  David’s therapists work closely with his teachers so that they can reinforce his development every day.  David is now understood by everyone he meets. His ability to communicate with others and to work well with others and follow directions will certainly help him as he begins to prepare for the adult world.  Special children need special people.  The Tuttle school is full of amazing teachers who have dedicated themselves to knowing and teaching all of these special children. "

~The Morse Family, Current Parents