Jill Wiseman
Acting Head of School
Lauren Krocak
Head of Tuttle School 
Beverly Brinkmeyer
Assistant Head of Tuttle School
Emma le Comte
Director of Distance Learning
Debbie Etheridge
Director of Admissions
Brynn Matherne
Admissions Database Manager
Toni LaZurs, M.Ed., LPC
Tuttle School Counselor
(ages 13-22)
(281) 493-1070 Ext. 126
Casey Lunn, MS, LPC-Associate
Tuttle School Counselor
(ages 5-12)
(281) 493-1070 Ext. 122
Richelle Hlawek
Business Manager | Human Resources
Linda Peters
Development Director 
Kim Black
Assistant Development Director | Events Coordinator
Katherine Schrock
Director of Communications & Marketing
Ruby Karimi
Tuttle School Administrative Assistant | Receptionist 
Nick Montesantos
Director of Technology 
Joe Harrison
Building Operations Manager