If you are just learning about Tuttle School, welcome! We are a school unlike any other. Many of the students who find their way to Tuttle experienced discouragement and defeat in other learning environments. At Tuttle, we strive to understand and honor each unique experience, embrace challenges and acknowledge strengths.

In a traditional school setting, the Tuttle School offers an experience that empowers children to try their hardest, learn the tools to improve and excel at their tasks, and become valuable members in their community. Our goal is to offer a safe, supportive environment where skills are not only taught, but embraced so our students can live happy, fulfilled lives.

David Mendlewski, Head of School

Surrounded by highly trained and skilled faculty, led by an administrative team who sets high standards of excellence and who sees the value of ongoing professional development, the Tuttle student receives an education that will give him the skills, strategies and tools to succeed in his future endeavors. We hope that you will take the time to learn more about us by calling and by visiting our campus and see us in action.

This is Tuttle School!