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Tuttle Goes Virtual

Like the rest of the world, The Tuttle community had to learn how to maneuver in these
strange times, but teachers and staff hit the road running and students were utilizing online
learning from day one and are continuing their daily education.  Communication with students
and families is the key and everyone, every step of the way, has surpassed all expectations.
Way to go, Tuttle! 

I just wanted to reach out and say that I think all of The Briarwood teachers are doing a fabulous job of virtual teaching!! Everyone jumped right in right away to make sure our kids were learning and made the kiddos feel acclimated to this “new normal.” 
~Current Family


  "Our family would love to recognize Beverly Brinkmeyer, who has been just stellar!  She sent home great work for Richard to do during the hiatus, and she’s been actively connecting with us every single day.  She even recorded herself reading one of Richard’s favorite books.  So appreciated!!!"
~Current Family

Tuttle School is a school for children with intellectual and developmental disorders

"Every Child Can Learn And Has The Right To Be Taught In The Way That He Or She Learns Best!"

The Tuttle Experience

The Tuttle School strives to provide an educational experience that capitalizes on the mind, body and spirit of each student.  Tuttle School is highly structured, but the setting is also nurturing and fun.

Each student is an integral part of the Tuttle School community which forms a complete and spectacular whole.  There are infinite rewards in creating an atmosphere where children are able to express themselves, communicate effectively and utilize the skills they learn every day to find independence and ultimately succeed.  The real goal, of course, is having students who want to come to school and learn.  Goal achieved!

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Tuttle School Advantage


Has a legacy of over 50 years of excellence in teaching students with learning differences/disabilities

Special Olympics

Equips students to play multiple team sports on a state-of-the-art track and field, field house and a gymnasium

1:5 Ratio

Takes pride in a 1:5 Faculty/Student ratio for ages 5-21

Skilled Teachers

Retains highly skilled teachers who are trained to focus on the academic, physical, emotional and social growth of each student

Learning Style

Utilizes research and evidence-based methods and materials to match the child’s learning style

"Tuttle School has fed and grown our boy in both his head and his heart.  If we want to count the blessings they would include teachers who give him strong doses of encouragement and exhortation, the practical training in trying new foods and preparing meals, social skills training reinforced in all his classes and activities, and Special Olympics coaching that has made him a part of a winning team.  He has had true friends who joke and laugh with him, and invite him to birthday parties and outings."


Briarwood's Counselor's Blog... Mindful Monday & Wellness Wednesday

Briarwood's Counselor's Blog... 


The Briarwood School's 50th Annual Gala

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Many Opportunities After Tuttle

Below is a list of some of the places our graduates attend after Tuttle